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Why Covid 19 is Politics and Economics?

Many countries, cities and provinces are in a lockdown or in a community quarantine. In the airport, Lufthansa which is the biggest airplane recently flew with only five passengers. Dream flight of United Airlines that used to be full packed with 280 passenger have been flying previously with only fifty or less travellers. Likewise, airplanes […]

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The Mary Of The Bible

Chapter 2 of Mary The First Surrogate Mother “St. Joaquim and St. Anne,” is being said by priests and nuns, according to their traditions, are the parents of Mary the mother of Jesus. However, the Bible does not see Joachim and Anne as direct lineage to the House of David.” The famous female character in the […]

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Why Christians Should NOT BE AFRAID Of Climate Change?

Climate Change is just a humorous malicious deception, as simple as that. A false belief instilled in the global mind as “ghost” that everyone should be afraid of (RVA). A False Evidence Appearing Real. After the great flood, God promised Noah that earth would have predictable patterns of climate and seasons. “As long as the earth endures, […]

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The What and How Of Surrogate Motherhood: Chapter 4

“MYTH: Especially amongst laymen, it is held that: “Since the fetus is inside the mother’s womb, then the mother’s blood also circulates through the fetal body” Dean Maria Diaz-Avelino, M.S., Ed.D. DEFINING SURROGATE MOTHERHOOD     Let it be clear that this book believes and respects what the Bible teaches that Mary is the mother of the […]

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EPILOGUE: Mary The First Surrogate Mother

EPILOGUE DIVINE SURROGACY Mary, The First Surrogate Mother, Is ‘Not Theologically Problematic’ No compliance within the context of a family definition of procreation. No coital union of male and female to form the baby “Jesus.” In contradiction to a certain faith that God impregnated Mary by sex, (Belief Map). No Sexual Intercourse. How about the […]

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