Fun In the Funeral

Did you ever wonder why there are funeral wakes where the bereaved families are not much in crying or if ever they do are doing the weeping with a finest and a class?

Perhaps, a laugh will be your reply and think that I am just kidding. But really there is fun in the funeral

Who would not cry noisily sobbing matched with convulsive gasps when the man in the coffin is the bread winner? Much more when the deceased left nothing but loans and debts that are inherited to be paid by the bereaved family. Worst is when there is not even a cent to take care of the burial or cremation whatsoever that the death become a burden to every member of the family.

While weeping with a finest and class happen when the deceased is leaving a good fortune and wealth if we are to talk about financial planning.

Of course, the real fun in the wake is when and before death come. repentance from sin and acceptance of Christ Jesus in our respective life as our Lord & Savior. Coupled with the assurance that in death which comes like a thief in the night we are assured of eternal life with our God in heaven.

However, let it be cleared that at the time of our death Jesus may not have come back yet. The loved ones that we are leaving will surely continue to live in physical life with physical needs such as education and food on the table.

How about a retirement solution that will solve the problem of living too long which is also a policy that will solve the problem of dying too soon. In fact, college planning and funding included.

Did you know that the loneliest stage of life is growing older?

Much more if you have retired and outlived your retirement. Meaning you have just become an old man in a corner sitting and doing your own thing. Nobody gives attention to you for your death is just what everybody is not just waiting but expecting after the signing of the last worm.

Very different, however, if as an old man you continue to receive pensions from your Life Insurance Policy. Or an amount for being a resident to your own house and etcetera. Chances are each member of your kids will demand their part of your stay in each own house. Likewise, grandkids will start to recognize you if you have something to buy them things. Sad but true.

Ooops! is the Will and Trust done? How about the Estate Conservation?

How would you like to be remembered as a father? Would you prefer a sad wake and a funeral or one that where everybody happily remembers you as a brethren in Christ? What a fun it would be in a funeral!

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Ricardo V. Avelino

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