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From the Author

Why do I blog?

Simply, to express what i think and feel to every experience, words heard, deeds seen, and how they relate to my faith which is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 

Not for the sake of political correctness nor for the purpose of not offending. But, all for the simple reason of regular updating that God’s Word, even if and when heaven and earth will pass away, the Word of God will remain. Simply because God is the Same yesterday, today and forever. 

Hence and therefore, every problem has a solution, for what is impossible to man is possible with God. Apart from Him, I cannot blog and do nothing.     

About the Author

Ricardo “Ric” Villareal Avelino is a passionate writer, who was before a publisher of a local newspaper and DZRH Dagupan Radio Commentator in the Philippines and is now
publishing books.
He is also a Financial Literacy Campaigner at the same time preacher of God’s word, the Bible. Besides all these, he is a Certified Peer Counselor and a sports enthusiast.
As a young man of 21, decades ago, married to a brainy Medical Technologist who was to become a College Dean, his first true job responsibility was a Medical “Detailman” or MedRep with Marsman & Co. then to Pascual Laboratories under Pharex Corporation.
He details to practicing physicians, both to prescribing and dispensing, the efficacy, side effects and pharmacological actions of his pharmaceutical products, making him somewhat like a Drug Pusher, in legal way. Eventually, he became the National Sales Manager of a local company FiveMed Laboratories that went with the hustling drug business which locally manufacturing companies became known for during that time. He believes this is one reason why Generics came to exist in the market.
His other responsibility in the Philippines as a father of five kids was Branch Head of a Financial Services Company for two decades and Operations Director of a Christian School wherein every letter from vision to mission and core values to legalities and contracts were ‘almost’ all written by him including the training of teachers to house to house school campaign with them. Until he came to America courtesy of her eldest physician daughter.
He is happy and proud of his kids for they all are serving the Lord Christ Jesus aside by the fact that they are now all professionals, and in the leadership and management making things happen, through each own kind of business, Technology, Financial Services, Call
Center, and Medical, all for God’s glory.
What breaks his heart is not being with the God entrusted Antioch Roadmap Church (ARC) in the Philippines that he started. The good thing is that his youngest namesake is taking care of the responsibility in support to the existing pastors.
And as people sees in him, he prefers to climb mountains than sitting in a rocking chair.

By: Ricardo “Rix” Avelino II

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