Is Dagupan Losing The Bangus Capital of The World?

I read the news today, oh boy!

Death and life are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21) seemingly is again at its work, which I rebuke and pray, it is Not.

Good morning sunshine!

In August 27, 2013, was a conference about flood where my friend mentor colleague, at the Information Bureau of the former Pangasinan Anti Drug Abuse Foundation, Inc. and who has, ever since, the  Executive Chaiperson of the Liwawa Ed Asinan Foundation, has verbalized a prediction made during a Flood Conference, in response to a question as to what she sees of Dagupan City, 20 years, hence.

Lina Tan, said, “The hardware stores in the city are gone because they are now selling gears and equipment. Traffic jam is also gone because everybody is now riding a boat”

Knowing Lina, as a Distinguished Toastmaster, she was playing with words, with those paradoxical and intriguing statement. But still, as I said, I seriously rebuke and pray, that, by God’s grace, it will not and never will happen to my city of birth.

July 17 of this year a typhoon came to Dagupan, and a rain, and another storm, resulting to flood waters that seemingly have learned to love the city. The floods all around would not leave even when continuous rain has cease to drop and will just come back for a peek-a-boo.

Water. All you see around is floodwater. Water. Floodwater to the north, to the south, to the east, to the west, of the city, that World Guinness Records has made known and famous as the “Bangus Capital.”

Yes, water and waters. It is wrong to cite that the reason why Dagupan is flooded is because the city is a catch basin and because of climate change that produced a bigger size of raindrops. THE WORST to hear from a politician, allegedly, is that the fishponds are the supposed catch basins of Dagupan. Are you kidding? Have you forgotten that a fishpond is where we raise the milkfish that made Dagupan, as the bangus capital of the world?

Okay, we may agree, for a while, to the reason of catch basin and bigger size of raindrops but let us be awaken to the reality that whoever was, is and are the political leaders, allegedly, since the time of four scores and three years ago, this very same flood problem occurs. That is the question of WHY do the floods even without rain or much rain, the floodwaters remain along the streets if not inside a house or houses in the city. Please don’t give high tide as the reason.

You Are All To Be Blamed! Revise it” “WE ARE ALL TO BE BLAMED.”

We do not need rocket science to understand. These leaders already uttered the long identified ‘Flood Reasons’ many times in the past: Silted Creeks and Silted Rivers. Clogged Drainages. Encroached Rivers, Creeks and Canals. Absence of Flag-gates/valves.  Yes, the garbage especially the plastics, from the time plastic was introduced. Yet the problem has already been there even before plastic replaced the paper container(?).

The mistake is that we stopped after the problems were identified. We made and make temporary and not permanent lasting solutions. THE PREPARATION we see is “After.” Instead of “Before.” It goes to one leader to another political leader. A succession when history wise, we seemingly have a lot of every year surpluses.

Let us not put politics here but Why are the rivers and creeks that should be bringing the floodwaters to the sea are silted if not encroached which has been the story of Dagupan ever since even that goes with the changing and succession of Dagupan City political leaders?

Those who know and have seen the city original map of long time ago knew pretty well that your family or families may be among the firsts to encroach rivers, canals or creeks. Please, do not make the absence of zoning, yet, as an excuse or a justification. Mistakes requires no excuses. However, the past is the past, anyway. The asking is, did we fail to anticipate and failed in the supposed anticipation management?  So, stop the pinpointing fingers for the other four fingers are pointing to ourselves.

Besides, it is almost impossible to bring back these encroached waterways. But DOABLE.

Backfilling of fishponds like what San Marino and Eternal Gardens have done and a lot more out there and that of the plan to put up the new venue of the city hall may not be the reason for a flooded Dagupan but it will definitely help a reason to kill Dagupan’s reign as Bangus Capital.

I may support the transfer of the city hall, although, I do not have the power, perhaps, but the least or one may become a thousand (Isaiah 60:22).

However, think about it, PLEASE. You are backfilling fishponds in an area where rare and good kinds of milkfish are found. ARE WE READY TO LOSE THE BANGUS CAPITAL OF THE WORLD crown? Or, are we surrendering by default?

Nothing is wrong with backfilling of fishponds.

But, Not This Time. The situation calls for a ‘Rebuilding of Dagupan’ in preparation to future calamities that may again threatened the city with floodwaters, as you said, come every high tide and every little rain or big rain.


Having a new city hall excites me and I would like to believe, a lot and majority of the We The People of Dagupan are equally excited. Who would oppose a better place and advanced city hall except the political opponents.

But, building the new city hall as the priority will make one a villain, especially, if another flood producing storm will come at its time, which is a reality.

Which would you prefer, A HERO OR A VILLAIN? Which is the first priority, (Art Valenzuela): the new city hall or solving the flood problem first? This question does not apply to a person but to the whole city council of leaders. In fact to the whole “we the people” of Dagupan City.

Backfilling of a fishpond is not a flood threat. As long as, all the necessary precautions are also built around. Backfilling of seawaters in Asia was started by Ferdinand Edralin Marcos decades ago in the construction of Cultural Center of the Philippines. After which, Lee Kwan Yew followed with his Singapore which was, a mere small island before, until after, the backfilling of seawaters, which, they call, reclaimed.

There was no flood even when, with British technology, a sub-train was built or underground train, runs for public transportation. There was no flood because the necessary precautions were all there.

Is that not what China has done with our Scarborough and Spratly Islands? (This is another story)

Backfilling of fishponds, therefore, is scientifically doable without any fear of Dagupan drowning. Again, as long as, DRAINAGES, CANALS, CREEKS, WATERWAYS, FLOOD-GATES AND VALVES AND RIVERS that will bring the flood waters to the seas, in accordance with nature, which is, God’s science.

Go with God’s science, therefore! The hardest thing is to start.

However, by so doing, anybody who does this, will surely be a HERO. Start a new mindset in action with a solution that will last. It will become a legacy and that is what leadership is all about. Lead us to something that in every year all we need to do is to conduct a yearly if not an every six months cleaning and dredging not only of rivers and canals but drainages as well. These are almost all seemingly nowhere to be found, currently. That explains why flood water even without a rain for days remained and was stagnant.


God promised that Earth would have predictable patterns of climates and seasons. God’s promise is trustworthy because God is trustworthy and He controls Earth’s climates and seasons. As a Christian, I prefer to believe in the promise of the Lord God Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth.

Climate Change which was Global Warming then when the scary “The Inconvenient Truth” was introduced by Al Gore with a few scary disappearance predictions, which actually did not take place, I believe, as I said earlier, is not the problem.

The size of raindrops have been really different in sizes SINCE THEN.

US Geological Surveys (USGS) Water Science School is saying that: In science one question leads to another, or several others and it tells how a raindrop is made and as to how big can a raindrop be. Cutting it short, there is condensation when water vapor wraps itself around the tiny particles which are surrounded by water become a tiny droplet and may become bigger as one droplet bumps another droplet and bumps another droplet and become even bigger which they call “coalescence.” A raindrop can grow any larger than 4 millimeters or may even bigger if it will not split into two separate drops. Sometimes a gust of wind will force a raindrop that already reaches the ground to up there back into a cloud where it continues eating other droplets and getting bigger. Raindrops are two different sizes  since time immemorial for two primary reasons:

  1. Initial differences in particle (condensation nuclei) size.
  2. Different rates of Coalescence

Katharine Hayhoe, Climate Scientist & Evangelical Christian, says when asked if she believes on Climate Change: Her answer was, “No, I don’t, because belief is faith: faith is the evidence of things not seen. Science is the evidence of things I see.”  On the other hand, Albert Einstein has said, “The universe has laws, therefore, there should be a lawgiver.”

God is not a man to tell a lie. God’s promise as revealed in the Holy Bible is reliable. But recently God’s promise has been distrusted, doubted and denied by many who assert that human activities are so out of control we should fear the loss of previously stable climate patterns. In effect, these alarmists ignore God’s promise and His sovereign control, as if humans can determine the destiny of Earth’s climate.

It looks like, The Inconvenient Truth of Al Gore has brought him millions of dollars. Before there were only two kinds of beliefs in Climate Change:

  1. Scientists who do not believe in God and
  2. Scientists who do believe in God. Now, the another kinds are adding,
  3. Scientists who use Climate Change for huge research funding. And the fourth
  4. Politicians that uses Climate Change for more funding

“WHEN BILLION OF DOLLARS HANG IN THE BALANCE, both scientific research (i.e., observing and collecting data) and scientific analysis (i.e., sorting and interpreting data) are vulnerable to compromise and corruption” (Institute Creation Research).

The blocking of many waterways in Dagupan has created AGW, anthropogenic global warming (man-made global warming/climate change).

I was really in wonder why American President Donald J. Trump (despite the opposition and tremendous bashing worldwide) stopped believing, the Climate Change, wherein the USA is funding different countries for their continuous research which was more ignited after Al Gore’s The Inconvenient Truth.


A BIG NO. Trump became a believer, although, a “Baby Christian” as Dr. Dobson has said. I learned that Trump’s advisers were Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, Dr. Robert Jeffress, (Pathway to Victory), Piere Bynum (Family Research Council), Dr. James Dobson (Family Talk), etcetera of the whole group of Christians are his advisers and  are believed to be supporting his stand on the subject Climate Change which they call AGW or anthropogenic global warming. Or, Man-Made Global Warming/Climate Change. A lot of activities are being done opposing God’s nature just to prove their AGW (another story).

Borrowing the question of Art Valenzuela from his Facebook:

What Should Be The First Priority, “the New City Hall Building” or “the Solution To The Flood Problem?”

One of the above will also help in the keeping of Dagupan as Bangus Capital of the World, proving that Murphy’s Law, that states, “If something can go wrong, it will,” does not always apply. It doesn’t matter if it may be late for as long as the “we the people of Dagupan” will see that the solution to the flood problem is truly being work upon accordingly and efficiently. History will decide.

Jesus came four days late to his supposed sick friend Lazarus. Martha even said, “If you were only here, he would have not died.” The Christ came late so that God the Father will be glorified. Jesus made a command to the dead Lazarus to rise up and he did arise (John 11:1-44).


Sources: Gabriel Cardinoza, The Daily Inquirer, University of Idaho, Institute Creation Research, US Geological Surveys Water Science, Art Valenzuela. Holy Bible.

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Ricardo V. Avelino


  1. We just lost it last year bro Ric to the Municipality of Sual, which according to Bureau of Fisheries, is now the biggest supplier of bangus in the country. This is because our incumbent city mayor supports more of commercialization than our fishing (bangus) industry.

  2. We just lost it last year bro Ric to the Municipality of Sual, which according to Bureau of Fisheries, is now the biggest supplier of bangus in the country. This is because our incumbent city mayor supports more of commercialization than our fishing (bangus) industry.

    • Hi Bro. Diego,
      Thanks for the info. Yes, I read that Sual “remains” as the Top Producer of Bangus (milkfish) in Pngasinan in a 2016 Inquirer news report.
      However, in May 2018 activity of IFEX Philippines with the theme Best of Seas, our city of Dagupan was introduced as the Bangus Capital of the World not because we are with the most number of Bangus produced but because of what they say, “the world tastiest bangus in the world.” CITEM cites Dagupan as the major commercial hub in the province that prides itself with the reputation of supplying the world’s tastiest milkfish products with its sweet and savory taste. So, if we want to maintain the “Bangus Capital Of the World” we need to protect our fishponds in the areas of Lucao and Bonuan because these are the places in Dagupan where the “rarely found “lablab” is in abundance” in the said barangays. The famous “Lablab” (a naturally-grown aquatic plant that consists of diatoms, planktons, and benthic blue algae).
      Speaking of commercialization, our “sweet and savory” milkfish generates businesses to a lot of commercial restaurants and eateries and generates thousands of jobs to “the we the people” in the city.
      Thanks again, Bro. Diego.

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