It Is Only Christians or Not, No in Between

Or Be Asked, Who Do You Think You Are?
There is no better or not better Christians but Christians or Not Christians.
After reading a posting saying there are Christians etcetera and etcetera, I realized that it is really how to say. The approach may not be intending to a meaning but the approach will give a different meaning if said, “We as Christians should…”
The first is separating ourselves as if we are implying that we are different and the other kind of Christians are of another.
I myself unintentionally used to do this and it is good to look at the mirror once in a while or without knowing we are implying ourselves better than the other. By mere saying, we already are judgmental if not claiming perfection which we are not.
Which is better?
Brother, can I smoke while I pray? Or, can I pray while I smoke?
The objective is the same but the approach is different. Meanwhile, Christians should not be smoking. We Christians should not be smoking and not there are Christians who are still smoking. What is the difference? The first is involving the speaker as part of the group of Christians who may or may not smoke. The second is definitely saying I am not smoker so I am a different kind compared to them. This may be true but is the approach diplomatic and with a touch of kindness and love? ONLY GOD can be straight and definite He being God and we being mere man. God’s role is taken. Don’t play His Being by creating an impression of the righteous and the other are not even without saying.

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Ricardo V. Avelino

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