Keep The Brand: God Fearing, Pro-Life, Jobs Not Mobs,

Filipinos are known as God Fearing people. When we say God Fearing it definitely is saying that we obey the God’s Commandments which are clearly stated in God’s Love Letters, God’s Word, the Holy Bible.

Hence, if you are a Filipino-American voter, the strong expectation is up in the air that you will vote with one thing in mind, that is to vote on candidates who push on biblical beliefs, that abortion which is killing of unborn babies is not in accordance to your brand as a Christian from the Philippines.

Do not be fooled by those who claim that they are protecting the “Women’s Rights” for that women’s right actually is their Right to Abort their own baby.

Do not be fooled by those who claim Pro-Choice for we as Filipinos who chose to be Americans are basically Pro-Life. We love life and we enjoy life. We know that life begins in pregnancy at conception which modern technology detects the baby’s heartbeat, brain waves, independent movement and breathing (Life Matters Worldwide).

Since the first generation of Filipinos who came to America, they and we came for jobs not mobs.

Keep the brand that we are known for worldwide and that is being law abiding people, much more as citizens. We respect the laws of the land that welcomed us and has given opportunity for the American Dream. We respect the rule of law even in our coming here. Do not be fooled by people who use innocent children to disobey the laws. Even Jesus in Luke 10 of the Bible warns us of wolves in sheep clothing.

Be discerning. Be wise by listening to the counsel of the elders. Vote for the people whom majority of our Church leaders here are endorsing and supporting and they are the candidates of President Donald Trump.

Under Trump our American economy is up and job opportunities are all around the corners. Jobs for everybody and that means everybody.

As for me, I am keeping our brand in voting. I am voting for straight Republicans. I am voting Yes to Proposition 6 to repeal Gas tax increase.



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Ricardo V. Avelino

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