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Why would an old man come to USA when during his younger age would say “I do not need America. What can be earned in USA can also be earned in the Philippines?”

Back in 1991, I rejected the opportunity as news reporter of a newspaper in Guam (although, I applied for it) while Mary has to fly back from California to our city and country of birth Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines. My reason then was the love of my kids future, so,  was my silent dare of separation. The realization of us accumulating wealth in dollars while far from being the parents blocked my desire. I decided to be with them in the Philippines as they grow up in wisdom and stature knowing God and favored with God.

What kind of a fool I was huh? Not to look good for there are better OFW parents

Matthew 16:26, “What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” What good will it be that both of us will be earning dollars while our kids are left alone in the Philippines with our very generous olds? I grew up alone myself with four maids in Pasay City then that left me inutile and ignorant in so many simple house labor.

What were lacking in me which are the knowledge of simple and practical household works did not happen to them. Everybody was trained to be independent knowing the values and value of life. I refused to make my kids grow without the benefit of calling us their parents the way they would like to call us which was from mine who despite knowing them was advised not to call them the usual way a child should call his parents. I was a nephew as I cried inside. So, turning our backs from the American Dream. My stand was “where one goes everybody should go.”

Glory to God! My kids are now all professionals and one instruction I gave them was to be in business and become an entrepreneur. Employment is just an exercise to prepare oneself to higher responsibility of becoming an entrepreneur. So, when my eldest became a physician and went back to California for training in Kaiser Permanente (where her aunt RN Cora Diaz Rafael works) after her internship in Peninsula Hospital New York.

I started crying in the bathroom. Who would not be when you are used to a busy schedule starting your daily life as anchor to a daily radio program 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM. After which, joining your listeners who bring foods and coffee for my breakfast. Then to the school we started, going around mixing with the parents and teachers and students, looking for immediate solutions to any problem. By lunch time I should be in the office of my Financial Services as branch head to give twice a week separate trainings for unit managers and financial planners. This was in addition to my person to person individual talk in the office if not an early morning visit for breakfast to their respective houses. Early morning was before 6:00 AM so I would not be late to my radio responsibility where my Station Manager then was Ronald Allan Sison, now a candidate for Managaldan Vice Mayor by May 2019.  Night visitations, whether, business or Bible Studies, if mentioned, will make this longer.

I did not work in my first few years of coming to America. I was not advised and also I have little money and I was not extravagant (coming from a former gambler and experienced beer house gambling owner- operator). But I went to become a Volunteer Information Officer (where the search was, supposedly, law graduate or law student) but was accepted and ordained with oath taking to Superior Court of Alameda Presiding Judge Clay. I too became a Fremont Human Resource Certified Peer Counsellor after a 54 hour training and graduation and a pledge to the now deceased mayor of Fremont, Bill Harrison. However, my mayor was defeated and a Lady Asian mayor, replaced him.

IS THERE A NEED FOR ME TO STAY IN AMERICA? Or I am just a Burden and an Expense? I want to go back to the Philippines and be of help to my two bachelor kids in their chosen career as Entrepreneurs in Life Underwriting. Together, they both handle a branch and a unit respectively (just as I was before) when the kids were still students in college. Both embraced my cup of tea bread and butter.

Why would I stay working here far from my pharmaceutical, financial services, and school operations expertise? Oh yes, I too was in retail simultaneously for I have a canteen selling San Miguel Foods with Jockey and Personal Collection products and all signature clothes then. Now, pastor Veronica Adolfo was my Administrative Assistant.

How many years more do I have? Shall I enjoy sitting on a rocking chair? Actually, a leader starts when he sits on his rocking chair and start looking at the ceiling and thinking. He finds ways, ideas, and strategies to see that the business will go on and made at a profit for the benefit of the provider and the associates.

Somebody told me that I do not need to work and just wait for my age to reach 65. Is that the American Dream, to live in welfare?

To Be Continued

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Ricardo V. Avelino

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