My view on Duterte’s “stupid god”

Duterte’s “stupid god” reminds the people to once again find God. It too awakens everyone that there is also a how what who and which god or the True God.

On the other hand, the Roman Catholic Church or any leader of a Church cannot accuse Duterte as president according to their faith even how stupid he was to say “stupid god” simply because he’s not a believer of their faith.

As a Christian i am hurt and the first thing is to pray for him as a man. Never to condemn.
But as a Filipino i should pray for Duterte as the president.

The RC is using the stupidity to make noise in favor of a political party of the yellow. Instead of playing hero delivering speeches in public, why not simply request for a meeting with him as president? Biblical and in civil, are you not supposed to go to him for a person to person talk when you know that you will be welcome in his palace Malacanang?

He’s not “unconstitutional” for he publicly claimed to have his own “god” whom he said “the one controls the universe.”
Separation of State and Church problem can be easily settled by a dialogue.
But please, do not discuss your different faith and religion. Just remind him politely that he’s the president of the Filipino “we the people” irrespective of faith.
Likewise, show respect for respect begets respect.

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Ricardo V. Avelino

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