Is Christ Jesus the Only Way to God?

Did you know what makes you a Christian?  Are you wondering about your Christian Faith? Could Jesus be just a Great Teacher? Did He really or not claim to be God? Or could He be just one of the gods?

A. Who Did Jesus Claim He Is? Read Bible Verse: John 8:48-59

  1. What was the issue being discussed by the Jews and Jesus?
  2. Who did the Jews say Jesus was? (v48)
  3. Who did Jesus claim He is? (vv54, 58)
  4. Why did the Jews want to stone Jesus?

B. Jesus, the Only Way to God.      Read John 14:1-7

  1. In John 14:1-4, Jesus discusses with His disciples about going to the Father’s house (heaven). In verse 6, what is Jesus’ claim?
  2. Why didn’t Jesus say, “I am one of the ways to God the Father?”             Why did He emphasize that He is the Only Way?
  3. Leaders of other religions say, “I will show you the way.” Why didn’t Jesus say that?

C. Logical Conclusions: We read in John 8:54-58 that Christ Jesus claims to be God. There are only three (3) possible explanations:

  1. Some say Jesus is not God but just a man and a good teacher. Why is this self-contradictory?
  2. Some say Jesus is just a good man who sincerely believed (imagined) Himself to be God. If such is the case, what kind of person would Jesus be?
  3. If we read about Jesus from the Gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and become familiar with what Jesus Christ has said and done, we will be convinced that Jesus is neither a liar, nor a lunatic. What is the only logical conclusion left?
  4. Supposing I want to be sure of my eternal destiny and salvation, I believe in three or more religions plus Christ Jesus. Is it all right?
  5. How is Christianity different from all other religions?



  1. The issue being discussed by the Jews and Jesus was Jesus’ identity or as to who Jesus was.
  2. v48 The Jews say Jesus was a demon-possessed Samaritan
  3. Jesus claims to be the Son of God v54. That He existed even before Abraham was born.
  4. The Jews wanted to stone Jesus because they understood what Jesus was claiming and considered it blasphemy for a man to claim to be God.


  1. Jesus’ claim is that He is the Only Way to God.
  2. Jesus’ emphasized that He is the Only Way  because there is no other way to God but Him. Jesus loves us and doesn’t want s to be misled into false ways.
  3. Jesus did not say, I will show you the way because Jesus Himself is the Way. Jesus and the Way are not two separate entities but one.


  1. Self-contradictory because if Jesus is not God and claims to be one, He is trying to fool people, and is simply a liar, and is not worthy to be called a teacher.
  2. If Jesus just imagined Himself to be God, He would have been a mere lunatic.
  3. Jesus being not a liar, nor a lunatic Christ Jesus then is really who He said He is, God.
  4. A ship cannot have two captains. One country could not have two presidents, otherwise, there would be chaos or a war. We, as subjects  would have to choose as to which supreme leader we give our allegiance. And then we are on his side fighting the opponent. Christ Jesus wants our faith and total commitment. God’s first commandment states, “You shall have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:3).
  5. Christianity differs from all other religions because Christianity is not merely a religion as defined by the world. It is not just a set of beliefs and practices that tries to govern human behavior. Rather, the essence of Christianity is the relationship between God and man, and the resultant relationship between man and man (community). All the religions of this world are attempts of man trying to find God; Christianity is reaching out to man, finally taking the form of man (Christ Jesus) so we can know Him. Most religion tells people to “do good.” The problem is that although we know we should do good, we are unable to do so. Christianity talks of new life, new nature that enables us to do good.

CONCLUSION: We have seen that Christ Jesus claims to be God. He also claims to be the Only Way to God the Father. We can only accept or reject His claims. If we reject them, we are saying that Jesus is a liar or lunatic. If we accept that His claims are true, we should give Him our single-hearted devotion.

Before we teach other people how to be good and to do good. Let us start first about who Jesus is as the Good God who He claims to be.

SOURCE: A Step-By-Step Approach To Christian Life by Bertram Lim

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