Why Covid 19 is Politics and Economics?

Many countries, cities and provinces are in a lockdown or in a community quarantine. In the airport, Lufthansa which is the biggest airplane recently flew with only five passengers. Dream flight of United Airlines that used to be full packed with 280 passenger have been flying previously with only fifty or less travellers. Likewise, airplanes coming from China and Korea were not allowed to open and use the gateway to disembark. All of these are resulting not only to lost of the airlines but also is starting to no work to many who before were so glad for the tremendous number of available works everywhere brought by the American First policy of President Trump.

In the Philippines, China tourists are most welcome while a lockdown and community quarantine are all around provinces and cities. Even Chinese from mainland China were not allowed to enter Macau when they practiced self country quarantine and after a month Macau is Corona virus free. Chinese from Wuhan were not allowed to travel to Beijing or shanghai but they were encouraged to go around the world.

Why am i saying that this Covid 19 is all about politics and economics?

First of all, it is because of the fact that the globalists elites who are being called one world government believers are hating Donald J. Trump which started with the POTUS proclamation of no belief of that climate change or global warming.

Way back, his immediate predecessor President Barack Husein Obama was among the 20 signatories supporting Climate Change initiated overwhelmingly with “The Inconvenient Truth” decades ago by Vice President Al Gore, wherein, after which, has brought millions of dollars to Gore’s pocket, and ironically, he was able to buy $4M worth of a beach house with Italian designs. I said, ironically because among Gore’s threat of global warming are Tsunamis and he courageously and extravagantly bought a vacation house near a potential tsunami source beachhouse.

Hence, the initial 20 nation signatories became 19 with the withdrawal of American President Trump. Surprisingly, Brazil, the supposed venue of the 2019 Climate Change Summit Conference elected a Christian president who joined Trump in the unbelief of Climate Change and his name is President Jair Bolsonaro. Looks like, rather than the two (Trump and Bolsonaro) joining the 18 leaders, that their scientists, if given the right funding, say, a couple of trillions of dollars will solve all the global warming problems, Donald and Jair chose to believe what their Bible say in Genesis 8:21-22

Have you heard the shout that Covid 19 is a Donald Trump man- made which started as a democrat rumor and now a blame from China? It is politics because Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders and the whole gang of Democrats have no weapon to find to bring down the so high numbers of Trump nearing US November 3 presidential elections.

Here comes Covid 19. Dr. David Drew Pinsky, an American Internist and Specialist is saying, Corona Virus is an “overblown press created hysteria” and the “media overhype” is worldwide. Result: Economy breaking down.

Here’s a fact: Corona Virus under Trump US cases: 1,329 US deaths: 38 Panic level: Mass hysteria

H1N1 Virus under Obama US cases: 60.8 Million US deaths: 12,469 Panic level: Totally chill

Do you see how media can manipulate our life? The mainstream media as we all know also hate Trump. The United Nations also hate Trump. The media also mocked Vice President Mike Pence because after him was appointed by President Trump as head of the Taskforce Covid-19, he called his team for a group prayer where a picture of them was taken.

Here’s another latest number of Covid 19: Out of eight counties in the Bay Area; Alameda County: 15 cases, Contra Costa County 29 cases, Marin County: 5 cases, Napa County: 0 reported cases, San Francisco County: 37 cases, San Mateo County: 32 cases, “1 death” Santa Clara County: 114 cases, “2 deaths” Solano County: 6 cases. Currently, it was discovered that the New York Hospitals are reporting allegedly that doing a padding of Covid deaths that even if the cause of death is Flu because October to May is Flu season or whatever cause of death are all being recorded as Covid 19 as per instruction, so they say.

Each county has more or less 8 to 10 cities each. San Francisco as a city has already an almost 900k residents. Let us presume that each city has only 200,000 residents multiply by 8 to form a county is already a 1.6 million population and out of that the eight counties are only with three deaths. Can you see what I mean?

CHURCH DON’T JOIN THE MEDIA HYPE FEAR. The Church is not the building where you need to be called to attend. You are the Church. We are the Church. See you all on Sundays. God bless!

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