Work Ethics, Where Are Thou?

Work Ethics Where Are Thou?
Is being polite to protect the company image wrong? ” Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness” (Isaiah 5:20).

First things first, is to put the house in order by simply applying what the system dictates. In my two decades as branch head of a Financial Services who are under commissions, the danger of stealing sales is always there. The established system and the political will to apply should always come and start from the head. This explains why in my acceptance of the offer having been pyrated from another company, i immediately requested that a corresponding authority should go with my responsibility. The company trust, however, was with the expectation of full accountability.
RESULT is respect to each other.
This is the case and should be applicable as well in all works either with salary plus commission or pure salary compensation.
Political will and the stamina to do what is right. It is all about communication management coupled with a teeth.

Leadership and management definition is parallel and applies whether in the Philippines or in the USA. It is universal.

By the way, my friend who did the right thing decided transfer to other department and departments. No more commissions but happier.  Being right is not always all about money. Ooops, point of clarification. Right here is not about politically right but simply being morally and biblically right which should be the right thing to do. Learn to say no when it should be no and yes when it should be yes.

Hence, where is work ethics? It is just around to everyone finding courage to stand on it.

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Ricardo V. Avelino

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